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Atoms and molecules make up everything in the world around us, but we cannot see them. When you look at a table, it is solid, unmoving - not vibrating and bouncing around all over the room. But what is really happening at a microscopic level? How are the atoms moving, and what do they do when the temperature changes? What if the forces between them were completely changed - how would the world be different?

Argon is a molecular dynamics simulator, a technique used in chemistry to model the behaviours of atoms and molecules, and even large biological structures. Using Argon, you can watch crystals form at low temperatures, or see particles bounding around at high temperatures. Change the way the particles react to each other, and see the dynamics change in real time. You can even add areas of attraction or repulsion and control them by making noise.

You can download the app for Mac and iOS from the Apple app store, and for Windows directly from this page, using the links above. Versions for Linux and Android are planned to be released in the near future. Look at the other pages on this website to see videos demonstrating what Argon can do, or to learn about the science behind how it works.

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